Problems with Purpose

I don’t know why it is that every time God pours His blessings out on me I’m surprised. But I just stand in awe!!! I never understood why it was that God would open doors for someone like me to share and encourage others, but He did. I feel like braggin’ on my God this morning. I feel like praising His name and weeping tears of great joy. I feel like there is someone out there reading this blog today that needs to hear about Jehovah God, our Provider, Who is never late but is often right down to the wire on time! I cannot tell you the times that I have shown up for the day dressed in drab, prepared for the funeral and God said put on your coat of many colors girl, I had purpose in your problems!!!

I began to think about those that God brought out of a trial only to make them greater than they could have ever imagined. I want to name a few and remind you of their journey to triumph that began with trouble.

Genesis 21:10, Genesis 22:2

Abraham had already had to send his son Ishmael away, he loved Sarah and Isaac, but the pain he must have felt as he watched Hagar and Ishmael walk away into the wilderness would have overshadowed any joy in that moment.  And then came new news, “You must sacrifice your only son Isaac.” How will he tell Sarah, how we he look into the face of his only child as he binds him and lays him on the wood? Isaac knew the ritual, what fear must have gone through his young mind and heartbreak that his father would allow it; and then… the bleating of a lamb in the thickets… Can you feel the pressure as it lifts from Abraham’s heart. “Jehovah!” Whew! No funeral here!

Genesis 50:20

As a young man Joseph feels God on his life, he’s dreamed dreams and perhaps he told them with a little more pride than he should have, but he knew in his heart they were of God. He’d grown up experiencing the favor of his earthly father and the jealousy of his siblings but never in a million years did he dream his brothers would betray him and hurt their farther in such a manner. But they did. Held captive by Pharaoh, imprisoned for crimes he did not commit and still in the pit of his soul he knew God had a plan, but it sure was rough hanging onto that hope in the damp darkness of the night. But favor came again. And he rose up into power and position and with godly wisdom saved his people from certain famine and death. It had to have been bitter sweet when he stood before his brothers and said, “You meant it for evil but God used it for his glory.” The heartache washed away with the tears as he finally understood God’s plan. No funerals here!!

John 11:43

Lazarus’s sisters sobbed with heartbreak at the death of their brother. They’d cried out to the Lord to save him, they’d believed in faith that He would. Healing never came but the funeral day did. As Jesus arrived they may have felt both joy and sorrow; failing to understand how their faith had not been enough. Seeing Christ weep would again bring a flood of emotion in the sisters, “But He’s God; if God cries it can’t be good!” And then He speaks “Lazarus, come forth.” No funeral here either!!!

God’s purpose in problems was sometimes a nail biting, pit in your stomach, ready to throw up experience. But when the plan is finally unveiled there are tears of joy and jubilation. Your problems have purpose. Keep holding on and waiting for Christ to come on the scene and say “Dry your eyes child… and watch!” I can say that from the other side of many journeys in the faith. Hold on!!!!

Seasons of Life

Exodus 18:22 ~ And let them judge the people at all seasons: and it shall be, that every great matter they shall bring unto thee, but every small matter they shall judge: so shall it be easier for thyself, and they shall bear the burden with thee.

Moses and the children of Israel were away from the taskmasters who ruled their days and nights. Their exhaustive work in Egypt likely prevented them from having much time to argue with their neighbors. They likely did what I did when I arrived home from speaking in Florida over the weekend… I collapsed! So when 4:00 a.m. rolled around this morning God began to speak to my heart from the pillow and I knew it was going to be a great day! Over the weekend I met with women who were for the most part in a different season of life than me. Fort Myers, Florida is quite the attraction for retirees and many of the ladies who attended this event were blessed with the opportunity to be Florida “snowbirds.” While I am the Jesus Chick and only slightly younger, the difference in the season of their life and mine was huge! But back to the message…

Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, came to deliver Moses’ wife and children and upon arrival he notices that his son-in-law is worn out from judging the people who brought their issues of life before him for advice. So he advises him to let others judge the small stuff, and Moses could deliberate the weightier matters, and it was such an aha moment for Moses! “What a novel idea that I don’t have to wear myself out by allowing others to shoulder the load.”

Israel in their new season of life had time on their hands, and time is not always a friend if it’s not used wisely. The ladies who attended the weekend spiritual retreat in Fort Myers were using their time wisely, they had come to that place to drink of the refreshing water of Christ and see what message He had for them, and praise God I was given the opportunity to be the deliverer! I am one of the lesser who God allows to help His people in all seasons, but what I learned over the weekend is that I needed to get a better grasp on all the seasons because they taught me as much as I taught them.

For this season in their life they needed encouragement on what to do with their time which they now have in abundance, although as we all know it slips away ever so quickly. A woman still in the workforce needs to know how to serve God in her season, a young woman who’s raising children needs to understand how to fit God in to the few minutes she has between oatmeal, diapers and disasters, and that teen who struggles in staying pure in an un-pure world needs to take heart that she is not alone.

So what is the answer? Every season of life brings a new issue for resolving and every issue is resolved by seeking God through various methods; reading the Bible, preaching and teaching, godly counsel and spiritual encouragement from folks like me. I am one of the lesser who are sent in to shoulder the load with Pastors and help their congregations take “go to their place in peace.” (18:23)

The ladies who attended the Fort Myers Southwest Baptist Church Women’s Day Away Event,” hopefully went home with a little peace in their souls that they were on the right path in life.

I hope that’s where today finds you. Please comment below and let me know what season you’re in and what topic would be helpful for you in this season of life. Blessings!!! ~ Shari