Month: November 2013

I ventured out to do some early Christmas shopping with my girls on Thanksgiving evening, and it’s always a little surreal. Yes, I know it’s a family day. Yes I

If you’re going through uncertainty, change or trials, this blog’s for you. I’ve had a few years of changes in my life. It’s reality that life cannot stay the same,

November 19th went by with little fanfare in the United States. It could have possibly been on the news, the likelihood of me seeing it there was slim to none.

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a Preacher. You likely thought it was going to be a prince or princess, as is the case in many

This weekend is almost sacred in West Virginia, some treat it as such, I won’t give that thought much comment other than to say it’s serious business. Millions of dollars

In the book of Romans, Chapter 16 there is Paul’s version of a Church Banquet, although there may or may not have been food involved; but he has a roll

A suspended coffee – a Facebook post which touched my heart with yet another desire for God to use me to bless others. The premise is to pay in advance

In a secular setting a few weeks ago I heard a woman discussing something that had happened in her office that had upset her. She was displeased with a staff