3 Reasons You Make me Wonder

I won’t calling it judging, I’d prefer to say that I’m wondering if some of the people I meet are saved who tell me they’re saved. And yes, some of them are even in church! Whoever coined the phrase “Being in a church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than being in garage makes you a car” was spot on! I know this from firsthand experience because I was in a church 34 years unsaved. Nobody ever bothered to ask. So I don’t assume just because you’re in church that you’re saved. I don’t assume anything. Salvation is between the person and God, not the person and Shari. However, there are a few things that make me wonder if some people are saved and cause me concern. Perhaps I’m just spiritualizing judging, but I don’t think so.

I’m saved but not in Church

That’s a red flag for me right out of the gate!  Hebrews 10:25 is often quoted with regards to “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves,” and it’s truth! But even if that verse wasn’t mentioned, what about the entire book of Acts and the way the early church acted? Look at the great sacrifices and persecutions that the Disciples of Christ made for the sake of assembling themselves. Why was it so important? Because it was new? No. Because it was necessary. They relied on each other for spiritual, mental and physical sustainment. Nothing has changed in that department. That’s what a church family does.

I’m saved but I’m Nasty

That’s probably the hardest pill for me to swallow. You’re either not saved or you are living the most defeated life in the church. Let me define nasty… Mean spirited, fault finding, bigoted, judgmental, unforgiving church folk. Not necessarily all of those attributes in one but any one of them will cause me to wonder. If you’re not saved… I hate to tell you that there are those kind of people in church. They are rare, but they are there. There are those who are of the opinion that their opinion is second only to God. And for me, the very, very human Shari, I’m hard pressed to believe they’re saved because I see little or no evidence of an attitude of Christ. It’s for certain a learned attitude and doesn’t come immediately upon salvation. But overtime there should be a noticeable change in the attitude of a child of God. When God said “love one another,” He didn’t put any “unless” in the sentence to follow. When God said to take the beam out of your eye before you try to remove the mote (speck) from your brother’s eye (Luke 6:41) He was calling for self-examination. And for the judgmental people I run across, I seldom see any self-examination but rather the judge, jury and execution of the souls they meet that don’t fall under their acceptable Christian characteristics.

I’m saved but I don’t talk about Jesus

I know, now I’m meddling. Because I’ve been told this by many “probably saved” people. They have a plethora of excuses.

  • I’m not a preacher. (When God said go into all the world… He wasn’t just speaking to preachers.)
  • I work for the government (what’s your excuse off the job)
  • I don’t want to sound too churchy (It’s not churchy to talk about Jesus, it’s evangelism and the only way that someone will know their need of salvation, churchy people led me to Christ, I am grateful!!!)
  • I’m afraid of their response. (I’m more afraid of the God’s response to me if that person goes to Hell because I didn’t talk about Jesus)

So am I judging, no, I really don’t know if anyone is saved other than me. I know I’m saved!!! And this is why:

  1. I desire the fellowship of other Christians and to hear the Word of God preached
  2. I genuinely love all people! I do not like nasty folk.
  3. I talk about Jesus. A lot…

Are you saved? I sure hope so, because I love you and I want to spend eternity getting to know you.

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