A Letter to Jesus Easter Morning

Good Morning Lord:

Happy Resurrection Sunday! I’m excited about the coming events of the day, Sunrise at the Park… in the rain… at 48 degrees. Ummm, I’m excited about the day, not so much the weather. But then I think of You. Are these raindrops or tears this morning? I’m excited about our services today just like I am most Sunday mornings. But if I’m honest, I can’t say every Sunday morning. This ol’ flesh lets me down more than I care to confess, but then again, You know anyway.

Omniscient Father

All knowing Father. There were times as my girls were growing up, that I’m pretty sure I was glad I wasn’t an all knowing mother. What must it be like to watch your children every day and know that the very people for which You went through the horrific crucifixion for are so ungrateful. Myself especially. Today, those of us who know You, are celebrating not the crucifixion, but the resurrection. The end of Satan’s tyranny. He no longer held the keys to death, Hell and the grave but Victory was won for sinners like me who had only to confess You are Lord! That’s it. Nothing more. Oh God… I love You so much, for not nearly enough.

Omnipresent Father

Everywhere I go You are there. David said in Psalm 139:8 “If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.” Glory to God, in the worst of days and the best of days You’ve never forsaken me. I’ve forsaken You every time I turned away from the path You chose, the Words You spoke and the opportunities You provided. But You went with me, even during my mistakes, You stayed. The world let me down, You did not ever.

How can I complain? The world has let You down too. Every single person in it and yet You stayed not only with them through the presence of the Holy Spirit, but You stayed on the cross when the world spit on You and beat You to the point of death, and You lived on until You were ready to die. You said “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”  You stayed even though when those of us who accepted Your death as payment for our sin, and knew that that’s what it took to save us, and yet we still fail. I still fail You Jesus. I’m so very sorry.

Omnipotent Father

All Powerful God. Happy Resurrection Sunday! Today is the day that we celebrate not the failures of humanity but the power of God! The Power to say “It is finished” at the cross and the Savior reigns. Satan no longer has control over us. He has powers in this world to convince us to take our eyes off of You but He has no power to take our hearts. You hold the keys not only to death, Hell and the grave but the key to peace. Likely what I am most grateful for above all that You have given me in my life. Which is so very much. But the peace of eternal security, knowing that my soul rests in Your hands is overwhelming. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Lord, for my own church, and for those around the world. I pray that the gospel in truth is preached today. Not sugar coated like the bunnies and baskets. But the truth that without Your death, there would be no life for us worth living. From Genesis to Revelation that was the plan. You knew we’d fail. You knew we needed a Savior and You told the Father “I’ll go.” I’m so sorry You had to, but so glad You did.

Today we celebrate not only Your resurrection but the resurrection of every earthly body that has professed You as Lord in the coming rapture. My Dad’s soul is with You, and so many others that I love. I’m ready for that day. But ever so glad that You’ve given me more time to be a witness for You down here. Praying today that there will be no circle broken in my family and friends on that day. But today the circle is incomplete. Lord, help me show them the way.

I pray I Love You more today and every day. You alone are worthy.

Your friend and child


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