A Memorial Day Attitude of Gratitude

Psalm 135:13 ~  Thy name, O Lord, endureth for ever; and thy memorial, O Lord, throughout all generations.

The older I get the deeper meaning Memorial Day has. I don’t know how it is that people go through life without a concern for eternity but Memorial Day is a reminder that others have gone on before and unless Jesus returns in Glory before, we’ll go the same way. Memorial Day is not a day of sadness for me, although there are many that I miss, but it’s a day of gratitude. I’m so thankful that God’s Word is truth and that His plan is still unfolding. I’m thankful for…

The Saints

Hallelujah for the saints of God who have carried the Bible, the blood and the blessed hope throughout the ages and refused to fall into line with the modernists and liberals who continually try to water down the gospel by preaching a feel good religion. Many have laid down their lives, faced persecution and put their all on the line by walking and talking what the Bible says in the face of strong adversity. It takes gumption to stand for the Bible. I thank God for the memories of my Father sitting with his Bible across his knees day after day. Following his own salvation he read his King James Bible and taught it for 50 years and it never grew old. It is so relevant today that it reads like a Sunday morning newspaper! Praise God for Saints who carry on!

The Soldiers

Thank you Jesus for the soldiers. The men and women of America who have fought for the freedom so many take for granted and treat with utter disrespect. When my Dad returned home from World War II, he came back to a country that rejoiced in his return and saluted his service. Service men and women fly in and out of our country every day without fanfare or recognition for their contribution of keeping us safe and defending the rights of those who use that right to mock the freedom they’re given here. It makes little sense to me. But I am so thankful and humbled that there are still those who fight for the freedom I hold dear.  Praise God for the Soldiers who carry on!

Most of All the Savior

Memorial Day is important to God too. He instituted Memorial Day long before it became a commercialized day on the calendar with family cookouts and celebrations. God taught the saints of old how important it was to mark the events of deliverance; he knew they’d need to draw upon that strength. It’s like a bank account for hope when we lose it all. A time that we can reflect upon what God has brought His people through and that He’s still on the throne ready to do it again for us! Memorial Day is a great day to visit the gravesite of Jesus and look at Victory in the empty tomb. It’s a day of celebrating that great hope we have in seeing our loved ones again and joining them in a place where there will be no more war, persecution and death! Praise God Who carries on!

I pray your weekend is filled with an attitude of gratitude in memorial for all the Lord has done, for the Saints who have carried the gospel to us through the years, and for the Soldiers who defend our freedom. Amen!

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