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As a vessel of God it is always my goal to stir and encourage the children  of God to have a deeper, more meaningful and purposeful relationship with Christ; and to hopefully add a dose of laughter into the mix that will spread joy to all our souls.  As a speaker, writer, blogger, singer, songwriter and teacher and artist the Word of God is my authority. I know that there will come a day that I will stand before the Lord and all my comedic relief and well thought out words will have meant nothing if God does not respond by “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” Nor do I want to hear the words… “You guys can go ahead and sit down, Shari and I are going to be here a while!”

I’ve walked in obedience and I’ve stumbled in disobedience; God’s grace has come in the form of mercy and the advice that I should probably wear flat shoes or at least low heels so that the fall will be less painful. I am the Jesus Chick because He asked me to be in 2005, not because I sought the title; I wear it because He was gracious enough to accept me into His family in 1996 and when He did there was an awesome change.

I make my home in Grantsville, West Virginia with my husband David, our Chihuahua, Izidora and a “Jack-huahua” mix named Versace. I did not name him, he’s a Floridian rescued dog. We are frequently visited by our two daughters, two son-in-loves and six grandchildren. I spend my days studying the Word of God, working on my website, and preparing for God’s next opportunity. I play a little fiddle, guitar, doghouse bass and mandolin. I’m proud of my Appalachian heritage, but my proudest heritage is that of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my goal to increase the size of that family.

This site is funded by the goodness and generousity of a hard working husband and a few friends that feel compelled to support the mission. If you would feel so inclined to contribute to this ministry (which is the webbased sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ, creating and sharing the music of God, providing event planning and promotional material for other ministries as well as ministering in person) your donation would be appreciated more than I could express in word, but not nearly as much as God’s goodness would allow.

For the scripture saith, thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward. – 1 Timothy 5:18

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