Bible Journaling Classes

For the love of the doodle…

I’ve always been a doodler! I’ll doodle on napkins at the restuarant, an envelope, scrap paper, basically any surface that pen or pencil will attcach itself to without charges of vandalism, I’ll draw on it. So when Bible Journaling became all the rage I hopped that air balloon and went for the ride. I gather each week with a few gals at my church to share conversation and coffee while we color and share stories about life.

It’s not just just coloring… it’s creativity with the Creator! If you’d be interested in in hosting a journaling class or making it apart of a retreat, conference or event, message me below. In the meantime, download the materials below, grab a cup of coffee and some colored pencils and enjoy!

These designs are free to use so long as they stay as designed.

  1. journaling class hand out brochure

  2. Bible Journaling Class I AM

  3. Bible Journaling Class – just keep pressing

  4. Bible Journaling Class The battle

  5. Bible Journaling mephibosheth

  6. MORE COMING VERY SOON!bible journaling class ad