Christmas’ Purpose

Four o’clock came early this morning but as soon as the alarm went off my first thought was. Good morning Lord, it’s Easter! This is the day you arose and changed the very fabric of our lives. When the veil was torn in the temple there would no longer be a separation between God and man. The privilege once held by the Priest alone, now belonged to the common man… or the common Shari as it is with me.

I woke up as excited as if it were Christmas, which I guess is appropriate being that the reason we have Christmas is Easter. This was Christmas’ purpose.

John 6:40

And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.

Resurrection Morning! This day is what brings hope to all the bad days. This is the day that overrides every heartache in life. God’s ultimate heartache, the forsaking of His Son now gave way to the restoration of man. God opened His Christmas gift that first Easter morning when He opened up the tomb and walked out.

Just to write those words causes my heart to leap with jubilation!!! How must God have felt that first Easter morning? From the cross He spoke “It is finished.” From the tomb, it’s just beginning!

Merry Christmas Lord… Happy Easter!

If you think I’ve lost my mind you may be right, I hope it’s because I’m getting closer to the mind of Christ. But today I have joy unspeakable for what Christ has done in my life. I hope today that you know that joy; that peace on earth and good will to men that we speak so often of at Christmas time. Because were it not for Easter, there would be no peace.

If you don’t have that joy, there’s an easy remedy. Right now, where you are ask Jesus to be Lord of your life and trust Him from this point forward for everything. Believe that He was born of a virgin, that He walked the earth to experience life as you do except without sin because He is God. Believe that He died on the cross to pay for the sin you experience and to put an end to death and give you an eternal hope. There’s still going to be heartaches down here, but because of that first Easter morning we have hope that every heartache has a reason and will for certain pass.

Make today the day that you give all that heartache to the One who took it upon Himself on the cross of Calvary.

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