When I was called into the youth ministry many moons ago, I had no idea of the joy that the future would hold. I’ve never understood why anyone would consider working in the youth department a chore… If it is a chore, there is a good chance you’re in the place of someone else’s calling. If some folks treated their careers in the same manner as they treat church they wouldn’t last a week. Someone who showed up for work once every two or three weeks, half hearted, unprepared and with as much excitement as flu shot line would be sent packin’. And yet… the most important job in your life that has eternal ramifications is viewed more as a hobby in many churches. It’s penciled in on the calendar with an eraser on stand by should a more entertaining opportunity become available.

Last night in the Teen Department of Victory Baptist Church we brought out the dry erase board and begin making our 2013 agenda. The kids bubbled with excitement at the possibilities that lie in the future. I must confess that my heart pitter pattered a little bit too when I seen the potential for our ministry to grow and catch on fire. I’m packin’ matches, and I’m going to strike one at every dry piece of wood I find in the youth department. How? I’m going to let every one of the youth know that I care, I’m going to creep on their facebook page (with their permission) and know what’s going on in their lives, the up and downs and in betweens. I’m going to pray with them and for them and let them know how very important they are to me, and more than that… how important they are to God and our ministry.

Wow! I just caught myself on fire! Hold the water… just let me burn!

2 comments on “Got a match?

  1. Wonderful words Sherry. Actually a wonderful spirit! Worked with the youth as a youth minister for 19 years & then felt God calling me onward & upward ( Actually that is how He is always calling us). Now after working 11 years as a pastor I wish I was still a youth pastor because our youth actually believe that our God can do anything! AMEN! It is such a blessing seeing how God is working in you & through you. God Bless you in your many ministries sister!

    1. God has blessed me though the years Bill, and you were among the many blessings! I spent a few years coveting your relationship with the youth (in godliness I hope). Your enthusiasm for serving The Lord was always so much fun, and certainly played a role in my ministry direction. I’m sure you are a great Pastor, but the youth ministry is where it’s at for appreciation. They are so excited and grateful when we spend time with them, adults… not so much. Thanks for reading my blog, love u 4 it!!!

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