How to Hang on to Hope

I woke up this morning and from the toasty side of the covers, I lay running my finger down my smartphone, glancing at the recent Facebook posts; and as usual it was mixed with a diverse number of images and thoughts. Some sad, some silly and some downright stupid. Much like many of my days. It ain’t easy to hang on to hope when struggles come into our lives. Satan will loosen your grip with the slimiest of tactics. He’ll use discouraging people, financial hardship, personal failures and family heartache. Anything that will cause you to look at life and see the harsh times not the hope. So how do we hang on to hope at the bleakest points in life.

Titus 1:9 says

Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.

Get a Grip

Titus said hold fast! When Satan starts his jargon of convincing you there is no hope or purpose in your life, hang on tight to what the Holy Spirit tells you is true. God will never discourage you. He may chastise you, or advise you in ways that make you uncomfortable, but He will never make you feel less or alone. Hold on!

Get a Gratitude

Remember all of the times that the faithful Word of God has come through for you. When I begin to remember all the times that God as brought me through and allowed me to see the miracles of Heaven, my grateful heart restores the hope that the hard time I’m facing will end with the Glory of God.

Get a Grin

Titus said to exhort! Encourage those around us. That’s hard to do when we’re going through a tough time ourselves. It’s important to know the word of God and use it to encourage others. There seems to be a connection been encouraging others and ourselves at the same time. Exhortation is deflected from those you encourage and returned to yourself in the process. You can’t give it without receiving it.

What a great thought that has the power to shut down the stupid things Satan says. It’s not my words, but God’s Word that has the power.

Are you struggling today… Write Titus 1:9 on an index card, post it note or whatever scrap of paper you can find and put it where you can see it throughout your day. Satan will flee at the word of God. And through your struggle you may not only encourage yourself but others along the journey, and God will be glorified and Satan will be angry. It’s a win/win kind of day!

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