Me and Jesus got it all Worked out… No Pope Needed

chick and Jesus

I’m not a fan of the Pope. I’m not a fan of anyone who tries to come between me and Jesus. I know that’s bad English. I’m okay with it. This is not a Catholic bashing post, it’s not a political post… although I make no promises that politics won’t come up. I started to watch the television news this morning which was left on by my husband as he went to work and then I thought better of it. Why start my day in any greater frustration that the world already does?

The Religious Side of this Event

Yesterday as I traveled down the highways of West Virginia listening to Bluegrass Junction on Sirius radio an oldie but goodie sung by Charlie Sizemore came on titled “Me and Jesus.” Written by Tom T. Hall long before “me and Jesus got it all worked out.” Well I just about took a shoutin’ fit in the car. I came home and looked up the chords and lyrics and now I’m claimin’ that one for myself and have added it to my repertoire of music for pickin’ events. This song somewhat epitomizes what I think of the Pope. How dare anyone this side of Heaven tell me that I need somebody to tell me what thus saith the Lord when I have the Word of God in my hand and the Holy Spirit in my heart. Both of which tell me in Matthew 27:51 the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom;” forever granting those who accept His death on the cross as payment for all sin to have access 24/7 to the Lord and Savior. Without the priest. Without the Pope. So that’s the end of that rant… now for the political side of it.

The Political side of this event

Whether or not I agree with the Pope, he is still a religious leader. He and I can agree to disagree and I’ll let God sort out the false doctrine that he’s touting on judgement day. It’s my role as a Christian to share the truth, which I just did, not bash the Pope. I’ll show him the respect that I show any other faith. What they believe is between them and Jesus. I stand accountable for me. But the President’s flagrant misuse of power again and again to slap God in the face, which is what he’s doing with this visit to the Whitehouse by the Pope, will likewise end on judgment day. His arrogance of promoting the gay, transgender, baby killing and Muslim agendas will eventually stop, whether or not American citizens get a backbone and do something about it. On the final Amen – Obama and his tribe of wickedness will stand before a Holy God Who only wanted to be loved for His willingness to die on that cross of Calvary and their arrogance will be gone. Of that I am promised.

The Personal side of this event

Do you and Jesus have it all worked out? Preaching is awesome! Christ died for the church, so please don’t tell me going there is not important, and there is countless scriptures of Christians getting together to worship God to back that up. But neither of those things save you. Salvation is between you and Jesus alone.  Accepting that He died for you so that when you die you can have eternal life with Him in glory. And to the dismay of the Pope, when you “get that all worked out,” you don’t need anyone to help you talk to Jesus. No fancy church… it could be just you kneeled down by a stump in the woods of Calhoun County, West Virginia. Where there is no Catholic Church.

I hope you have it all worked out!

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