Pruning Sour Grapes for Victorious Living! ~

Isaiah 18:5 ~ For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.

In Chapter 18 God warns the arrogant Assyrian army who are plotting against Israel, that their party is about to end and destruction draweth nigh.  I don’t hear God shouting in this verse, nor do I see Him pacing back and forth in Heaven  saying “let Me at’em, let Me at’em!” I see God’s calm, all knowing demeanor, standing quietly looking out the window of Heaven as He sees His children suffering, partly because of their own rebellion; but He says in finality, ”I allowed you to serve my purpose in instruction, but now, I’m gonna cut you down where you grow.”

I’m so glad that God is Omniscient; all knowing. Because if I were standing at the window of Heaven when I seen friends and family hurting or suffering at the hands of someone else, my godliness would likely go out the window.  Sour grapes are good for nothing, on either side of an argument, somebody got to keep their attitude in check. There are people in our lives that, deed, they look like sour grapes are all they feast on! Do you have any in your life? They get on your last nerve… (draw this out for effect) with their constant tearing down of your emotional state, or negativity and lack of vision for you.

I speak in generality, nothing specific in my own life, but I see so many Christians being beat down by the circumstances of the world and allowing it to stop their own spiritual growth. Oppression is a part of our society; it’s how some climb the ladder of success, it’s how other’s keep their family in control or it’s a means of keeping everything quid pro quo, in a non changing state because change bother’s people.

We cannot move forward in our lives with dying branches on the vine. It stops our growth. God said He would cut down the branches of sour grapes, because sour grapes can do nothing but set your teeth on edge. If something or someone in our lives is keeping us from having victory it’s time to get out the pruning hooks. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they can no longer be a part of your life; it means you prune away parts of it.

  • Govern the conversation by keeping things on a positive note, talk about gumdrops and bubblegum flavors if you have too but stay away from conflict – snip!
  • Encourage them in something they’re working on. You’d be amazed how far a little sugar can go – snip!
  • Don’t spend time in their presence if all they want to do is discourage your dream, sometimes you have to walk away – snip!

God said “before the harvest.” Don’t let negative things take root in your life and bear fruit. – snip, snip!

I hope today finds you enjoying a bountiful harvest of the goodness of God! Got any sour grapes you need to get rid of?

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