Searching for Christmas in the Chaos


It’s a rare day when I have silence in the house. I’m not complaining… just stating a fact. I have a happy, busy home with a revolving door of guests. But the busyness at Christmas shoots to a mock ninety decibel (meaning it’s both fast and loud). There’s not enough time in the day to accomplish the tasks at hand, or there not enough mind in my head, that may be a more accurate description. It just gets crazy! But this morning I’m enjoying one of those rare moments of time where it’s just me and Jesus, and we got our own thing goin’ this morning.  While I’m here I’m searching for Christmas in the chaos.

I want a “Mary” Christmas. And no, spellcheck didn’t fail me. There are three notable Mary’s in scripture that have my mind affixed on how I’d like my Christmas to be.

Mary # 1 (Luke 1:27>)

The chosen mother to the Christ child who had obedience without question. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift to give God in celebration of His birth. I struggle. I heard a statement from Steven Furtick (Pastor of Elevation Church) this morning who said “How many know that every time your heart tries to have faith, your mind tries to makes sense?”  There would have been no sense to make of Mary’s decision. It was a done deal with God and with her. She had been dealt that lot and had taken it on as a factual gift in obedience.

It’ likely did not stop her mind from going places it shouldn’t go. Like… “how on earth am I going to explain this to Joseph, my parents, my friends. During those days of others questioning her purity her mind had to have wondered why obedience had gotten her into such a trying place. But there’s no word of that in the scripture, only speculation on my heart. God just mentions her goodness, as if to say… leave her alone. She did as she was ask… you could learn.

Mary # 2 (Luke 8:2)

Mary Magdalene whom Jesus had healed of evil spirits had a wonderful Christmas Spirit about her. She loved to be around Jesus, she was found in service to Jesus and it was she who was found at His tomb to anoint His body. She told the disciples that she had seen the Lord after His resurrection. She was a busy woman! Not just during the holiday season but every day of the week because she was so thankful for having been healed of that terrible feeling inside. I should be so thankful. My busyness it’s just often that… busyness. Without purpose. Just a point “A” to point “B” kind of days. Every day of my life should be lived with the purpose of glorifying and serving Christ for taking that evil spirit that caused me such heartache and misery away.

Mary #3 (John 11:12)

Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, who was also the same who anointed Jesus feet with the oil of the Alabaster box and wiped His feet with her hair. She who knew the power of worship and the worthiness of sacrifice. She aggravated the religious who seen her worship as a waste of money. What greater spirit of Christmas could there be than one who is willing to spare no expense for her Lord and Savior. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the sacrificial gift. Religious people try to make sense of faith, and it can’t be done.

So this morning while I went search for Christmas in the chaos I found my Mary Christmas, having a heart’s desire to live obedient, willing to not ask why… with a servants heart, willing to not ask how… and heart of sacrificial worship, willing to not ask when or where, just willing to be ready. The beautiful gift of Christmas came at the expense of the cross. Help me to keep that in view.

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