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A Great Word for the Day!


If I’m anything, I’m persistent. But that still doesn’t stop the interference of Satan or the flesh of Shari that often arises in the form of discouragement or aggravation. I’m persistent… not patient. And there’s always plenty of avenues to take to another direction, re-plan the plan, so to speak; and plenty of people to tell you that perhaps that wasn’t God’s plan for you after all. So how do you know that you know? The same way everyone who’s been anyone has known for thousands of years, Stop, drop and listen, that’s how I roll! It was how Elijah and Elisha rolled as well in 1st and 2nd Kings.

Now… I’m not in the league of either. But I serve the same God. Elijah stopped the rain, and then started the rain in 1 Kings 17 and 18.

1 Kings 17:1

And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the Lord God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.

1 Kings 18:41-44

41And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.42 So Ahab went up to eat and to drink. And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel; and he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees, 43 And said to his servant, Go up now, look toward the sea. And he went up, and looked, and said, There is nothing. And he said, Go again seven times. 44 And it came to pass at the seventh time, that he said, Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a man’s hand. And he said, Go up, say unto Ahab, Prepare thy chariot, and get thee down that the rain stop thee not.

Seven times Elijah sent his servant up to look toward the sea. Six times there was nothing, and the seventh time there but a little cloud the size of a man’s hand. But Elijah wasn’t concerned with the size of the cloud, because he knew from his perspective something that looked small was anything but from God’s perspective it was an abundance. Elijah believed that before the first drop appeared because he’d heard it from God (vs. 41).

The things that God spoke into my heart in 2010… (7 years ago) have yet to come to pass. But God continues to say serve. He continues to say serve where I am. It ain’t easy. But He never promised that it would be. I’m waiting for the mantle to fall.

So was Elisha the successor to Elijah. He too believed in his calling. When he received word that Elijah’s job was about to be open he never left Elijah’s side, even though Elijah said stay.

Elijah said I’m going to Bethel, you stay here. Elisha went to Bethel.

Elijah told Elisha to tarry there, he was going to Jericho. Elisha went to Jericho.

Elijah told him to tarry there, he was going to Jordan. Elisha went to Jordan.

Elisha was persistent. He persisted until the mantle of Elijah rested on his shoulders and he received a double portion of his spirit.

Elijah’s seven time miracle of the rain, was followed by Elisha having two seven time miracles.

When the child died who he had blessed the Shunemite family with, Elisha in faith brought the child back and seven times the child sneezed when he was revived. And when Naaman was afflicted with leprosy, Elisha instructed him to dip in the Jordan seven times and be healed and so he was. Elisha proved the double portion blessing of Elijah more than once, but he wouldn’t have proven it once if he hadn’t have persisted when Elijah said stay.

And so it was my word this morning as I arose at the crack of dawn and God said read… and then said write… and then said… persist. And so it now is our word. Yours and mine. Because I don’t believe for a second this message is only mine, else God would have stopped with read…

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The Unseen is not Unnoticed

lily work

It’s hard to believe sometimes that I’ve been on the road to salvation twenty years, but I was saved in 1996, so the math is there. But in many ways I still feel like a new convert. I’m ever so grateful that God’s mercy is new and afresh every day, for I need it every day; that’s the part of that new convert feeling I’m not so proud of. I still feel like an utter failure most days of the week. But another side to that new convert feeling is the absolute fact that I’m as excited today as I was the day I got saved, which is what makes serving God so easy.

I’m not one for accolades. I have no desire for men’s applause for work that I should be doing, but an appreciation is wonderful. So when Mickey Carter preached on the unseen lily work in 1 Kings 7:22 my soul smiled.

And upon the top of the pillars was lily work: so was the work of the pillars finished.

The Top

Where no one seen but God. Unless of course great effort was made to get up to it. For the record I don’t feel unloved or unappreciated very often. Seldom would be more like it. I must give glory that God has always sent encouragers into my life who climb to the top, look at the lily’s and say well done. But I’ve had days where the flesh rose, usually in exhaustion, when I felt as though all my unseen efforts were not for naught but went unnoticed. It caused me to wonder if anyone cared or understood the time I had put into a particular project. Was it necessary? Was it just busy work? And then Brother Mickey blessed my soul by allowing God to use him to tell me… it wasn’t for nothing. God took note.

The Lily

Another character trait for me is that I love, love, love a project. I’m project driven and it’s all about the details. But many times I’ve seen the “details” in the trash at the end of an event and thought… why did I put all that effort into something that was thrown away? But isn’t that everything down here? Nothing is going to make it through the end days, and if for a brief moment in time my efforts made someone’s heart happy and brought glory to God, then my attention to detail, the intricate work on the lily, was a worthy effort.

The Finished Work

The pillars were done, no names were inscribed as to the artist, just a beautiful workmanship that held up the house of God; which is exactly what we should be. Those of us who serve don’t need to be noticed, we need to be useful. Those pillars were beautiful, but they also served the purpose of being the strength of the church. Am I? Are you? It’s a point to ponder in our servitude as to whether our time is spent strengthening the house of God.

Just keep serving, using the gifts and talents God has given you to finish the work. It does not go unnoticed. You are loved…