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Don’t Mind the Dragons and Serpents

What did I have on my mind as I went to sleep on the brink of 2017? Why, dragons and serpents of course! Thanks to my good friend Chief Eisley’s preaching last night. It was an awesome sermon! And spot on for what I needed in this season of life. Chief opened his sermon with […]

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All Aboard! 2017 Is Just Ahead

I struggled a few days in searching for my 2017 word. I wanted it just right! I wanted something that would cause my mind to go into motion, and in a positive direction when I heard the word. I pondered the word “potential” for a few days and I looked strongly at the word “purpose.” […]

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I’m Sick of My Own Excuses

2017 is just days away! Shocking right? I know that it’s not a big revelation that it followed 2016 but the way time has flown by almost seems surreal. Kind of like the fact that Obama is leaving office. So, for a few days I’ve been strategizing my coming year. Oh… I always make great […]

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