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Stop! in the name of Love

Last night I taught our teens from the Francis Chan study on Crazy Love and managed to heap huge conviction upon myself. I hate that! But it’s necessary in your walk with Christ to look at life through the eyes of God, not the eyes of self. I measure up pretty good next to me… […]

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A Reason to Cleave

When my girls were little and we’d go shopping or out into the community I wanted them as close to my side as I could get them. As long as I was able I carried them or had them in a stroller for safeties sake. I was quite the nervous Nellie when it came to […]

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No Turning Back

In my search for hunting apparel  to wear to Church on Sunday (A statement likely only said in a place like West Virginia) I passed by Tractor Supply and headed to Walmart thinking their sporting goods department would assuredly have the pink and brown Real Tree ® shirt I had set my mind on having. […]

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