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How to Apply the Balm

Why is it that the people of God seemed to be so continually perplexed when it comes to the things of life? Parents have no concept on how to raise their children without the help of books by authors they’ve never met, the school is left to discipline and teach manners of those that don’t even read the help books, and the moral decay of our schools is evident on the evening news. It is for certain a scary world we live in. The adults aren’t any better off than many youth; morality is situational and objective for themselves, but yet they believe it should all means be defined by the law for all others. Police are viewed as the enemy, there is no respect for authority from the White House to the Church house and in the words of a man who once attended our church but fell out to world “We’re in a mess.” So what’s the answer? Before you think this is a blog of discouragement and chastisement, read on.

This is a word that will sooth your soul…

Jeremiah 8:22 says:

Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

Israel’s idea of the law had become subjective and their world was in a mess too. And so Jeremiah, the weeping prophet; who preached repentance to God’s people, had the same questions that I had at the beginning of this blog. I have those questions because I see so much heart ache and pain in every direction. Parents want to be good parents, children want a home filled with love, employers want trustworthy staff, churches want committed members, but it all seems to be unraveling because nobody is asking the right questions.

Where is our healing? Where it’s always been… in the Balm of Gilead. Jesus.

I know, I know, His name is on billboards, social media memes and in every sermon you’ve heard preached, and yet your world is still a mess. I think I know why. Because we’re not applying the balm.

The Acknowledgement

God has been after me for…. Ever… to use my talents in a greater methods. You see, I know I have the abilities… I just don’t apply them. You know your own issues, but when have you actually applied Jesus’ word to it? And what does that look like?

The Accountability

Israel needed to repent. They thought their ways were good enough and God would take care of them, because after all, they were the chosen. Don’t we each feel sometimes that God will cover us, come what may, even if we’re not exactly where we should be? Or is it only me? Repentance doesn’t necessarily mean that we have some massive sin, (although it could). But it could mean that you have a spirit of rebellion by not seeking God’s solution before mans.

I see more and more frustrated parents who seldom if ever darken the door of the Lord’s house with their children and yet they want good kids. Good kids need to know the only One who is good. Jesus. He is the balm that can sooth the heartache in the homes that are filled with disrespect and unruly children.

Another often heard conversation I have is with people who are hurting because friends and family have let them down and left them broken. I see people who have been abused in ways that I can’t even imagine and they have no desire to seek the One who can apply a balm to their heart and soul that will heal that hurt for eternity and love them as they long to be loved. He’s a cry away.

The Application

The Balm of Gilead known as Jesus, isn’t available online or in the store. It’s freely available for the asking. Salvation is immediate upon the request to ask Jesus to come into your life and accepting His work on the cross as payment for your sin. But peace,direction, guidance,  contentment, happiness and a wholesome life is only found in those who continually seek a relationship with Jesus for their home. Now… everyone may not be saved in the home, but the one who is can seek the guidance and wisdom of God, and to the best of their ability, live it. As it’s lived, the healing balm is applied. And sometimes it even gets onto the ones who have rejected the Lord and they too feel it’s soothing effects and desire to know the Lord of all, Jesus

I’m Packin’ Balm Today


That’s how I was jolted out of a dream or nightmare (I’m not sure which) about the hiring of our new Pastor. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been at a level of physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health that was normal (well normal for me.)  So when I awoke with that one word thought this morning I was excited! Because it may have only been one word, but it had such a sweet sound! I began to think about all the things I was ready to recover from and wondered how many of you were ready for a time of recovery?

Strayed Strength

Because of a virus coursing its way through my body I felt as though my strength had forsaken me, and that lead to my mind convincing me that a lot of other things and people had forsaken me. A weakened condition of the body leaves breaches in the mind that Satan is waiting for. When Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem he had to fix the breaches and there were people who weren’t happy.

Nehemiah 4:7

But it came to pass, that when Sanballat, and Tobiah, and the Arabians, and the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites, heard that the walls of Jerusalem were made up, and that the breaches began to be stopped, then they were very wroth,

Stopping the breaches will block off the naysayers and discouragers and allow the recovery to begin. But it’s not like we can run down to the hardware store and get block and mortar to solve the problem, so how do we stop the breaches of the mind?

Balm-of-Gilead-TreeJeremiah 8:22

 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

Jeremiah questioned why they were not healed, because he knew that the Great Physician stood by ready to apply the balm; but the fact of the matter was they wouldn’t submit to the application. Often times our healing won’t take place because we won’t follow the prescription… or even visit the physician. As for my physical state I’ve refused to go to a physician for fear they’d say I was sick…. Yeah I know… and I’m no better off on the emotional and spiritual state!  When people hurt me, I put up a hard shell and told myself that I was protected by the blood of Jesus, which was true but I didn’t need a hard shell, I needed the softness of the Savior that I would have gotten from the Balm of Gilead. Jesus would have soothed my hurt away, but I shut down. Rather than taking it to Him I just shut off everyone.

Spiritually I shut down too. I’d try to read the scripture but as sure as I did the breaches were too great to stay focused and I was constantly battling the enemy. So again I shut down. Nehemiah was successful at repairing the breaches because he enlisted help. I had allowed my physical state to isolate me spiritually as well. I would occasionally allow someone in, but for fear of exposing them to the physical virus as well as the emotional fall out I was going through I wouldn’t let them stay long, and I certainly wouldn’t divulge how very vulnerable I felt. The end result… more time alone with just me and my thoughts and Satan.

Today is a day of recovery. I’m still not 100% physically, emotionally or spiritually but I’m packin’ balm today! I’m allowing the great Physician to soothe my tattered body inside and out.

Life’s lessons would be much easier if I’d listen earlier. Whether it’s sin in my life or sorrow, the Savior can’t fix it unless I’m willing to submit to His ways…