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Doodles and deeds…

Of late my creativity has had new life breathed in it… partly because of something that has consumed much of my time, the preparation for the Easter Cantata at Victory Baptist Church on the evening of Sunday, April 20. My contribution to the cantata is to paint the thoughts stirred in my soul by the Cantata songs before a live audience. The songs are just a few minutes long so needless to say I can’t complete and entire a painting in that length of time, my alternative is to “finish” each painting in 4-5 minutes…. I know… that’s a lofty goal and one that I always think “what were you thinking!” after I’ve volunteered. So 7 paintings in about 40 minutes, again… WHAT WAS I THINKING!

I’ll tell you what I was thinking… I’m a fool for Christ, and just foolish enough to believe God will allow me to complete each one. So for the past few weeks I’ve been painting the foundation of these seven ideas… Today I’m painting their back drop (branches) which is consuming much more time than I had planned. So for a quick post idea I thought I’d share some of the Facebook doodles I’ve been posting lately… I’ll call them Bloodles. (Half blog… half doodle) Thanks for loving me, please pray for me as I prepare for this awesome weekend ahead… the one that changed the world, including me!!!!

LATE DAY DOODLE 4-16-14: you’ll protect your family from anything harmful, right? Hell’s harmful and forever. Please… Take your children to church.

But Sunday’s coming….

How much more He loves us!

Hope I’ve spread some cheer your way…

One of my Dad’s favorite verses… mine too….