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Stress and the Greatest Coping Factor known to Man

Saturday morning as a kid was spent watching cartoons like Bugs Bunny & Daffy, Scooby Doo Where Are You, Josie and the Pussy Cats, The Adventures of Mighty Mouse, The Pink Panther Show and a few dozen others. I had little responsibility and zero stress. I was blessed. I know now the zero stress factor did not hold true for every child. It no longer holds true for me either, so Praise God! for salvation. It didn’t eliminate the stress factor but it is certainly the greatest coping factor known to man.

Acts 3:19

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not insinuating that saved people don’t have stressful days or days you’d just as soon pinch the head off someone than to hear them utter another word. We have those days, believe me. But the difference is, I don’t pinch their head off and when stress comes I have a refocusing mechanism on the inside of me that helps me to cope with the stress off the day; the Holy Spirit.

In Acts 3, Peter stood before a crowd of people who had just witnessed a miracle, it was a great day! Most everybody wants to serve the God of miracles. But what about the disastrous days ahead that God’s Word warns us of; the days we don’t want to think about. The day of the lame man’s healing the people were refreshed in seeing him healed, it was a day of rejoicing and praising God; but how much sweeter will it be in the troubled times ahead that you will still feel the refreshing of the Lord.

Salvation is awesome every day, but its importance is never any more understood than on the bad days when you need someone to hold on to and it seems the world has walked out, or even if they’re there, there’s no comfort found in them. That’s when the Holy Spirit rushes in and there is an unexplained calm that comes over you and you feel the presence of the Lord.

There are times I long for the no responsibility cartoon days. But I’m ever so glad that when reality bites I have a friend in Jesus.

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Revealing our Dignity

Modesty isn’t about hiding ourselves, it’s about revealing our dignity. – Jessica Rey

1st Timothy 2:9a ~  In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel.

I still haven’t gotten past the shock factor with America. Any given day of the week I tune into Facebook and watch young women (and sometimes old women) posting pictures in provocative poses that look like they’re auditioning for a page in an unnamed magazine with bunny ears. I’m less shocked by the girls, who are young and are merely imitating what they’ve witnessed as acceptable, than I am by the Mom’s who encourage it and repost the pictures.

Good night a mighty!

But… you say… Shari….. You’re old; a fuddy duddy of the faith. What could you possibly know about it? Well for the record, yesterday I was sixteen (at least in my mind) It was actually 1978. A time when we had just come out of the sexual revolution of the 60’s, society had changed and so had the social norms, and not for the better. Women had come into their own and were rebelling on every front. Praise God, I was raised by a Mother who stood by godly principles. Even when I did not I stood in awe of her love and dedication to my father and our family. She’s first class all the way. (Did you catch the part where “I did not”?)

I haven’t always been a fuddy duddy of the faith. I was willly nilly of the world at one point! I’d fly whatever direction the popular wind blew. I bought the lies of the media that northern and southern exposure were cool. And women wearing clothes that they grew out of two years ago were stylish. Although I didn’t ever get comfortable with it. There was always something in my upbringing that kept signally my brain saying, “that ain’t right.” But I’d rebel against my own brain! And then I had daughters… Woah! I now needed to rethink that theory. I didn’t want men ogling my children, nor did I want them acting like strippers which is what I see on Facebook.

Can I get a witness?

What got me on this roll this morning was a video posted by **Jessica Rey. A beautiful young woman who was the white Power Ranger for several years for those who were fans. She has a modest swimsuit line (unfortunately the price isn’t modest) but the swimsuit line didn’t intrigue me as much as her video. This beautiful, popular, Hollywood young lady is a wonderful rare example to set before daughters and Moms on why the sexual revolution didn’t do us any favors. Her message is spot on about the reality of provocative dressing.

But it’s not just about the provocative dressing but also about the provocative thinking. When I see a twelve year old girl posting a pictures where her body is exposed via short shorts and string tops, her eyes are drawn in a manner of seduction, her lips are perched like Marilyn Monroe on a movie poster I want to shout, “Why would you want that, she died hours after it being reported that she said in a violent argument that she felt she had been ‘passed around like a piece of meat.’

Marilyn died six days before I was born. We idolize her images and portray her as Hollywood at its best when she was truly its worst. She was an abused woman, who’s beauty was seen as a commodity to be sold on the market.

Mothers, take your baby’s off the market. Teach them to value their bodies and savor their youth. Let them be children. The world lies…

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