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The Miracle in the Mirror


Easton Zayde born 4.28.14

I arrived at the hospital a few nights ago about an hour and a half after the birth of my great-nephew Easton Zayde. I’d have made it before the birth, had I not stopped at Walmart to get Easton his very first birthday present, and my husband his 53rd. They now share a birthday! I had stopped to pick up some fishing gear for David and was asking the assistance of a man who happened to meander into my aisle (not a clerk.) A few words into the conversation about which “Ugly Stick” I should buy, he mentioned the Lord. For those who don’t know such as myself, an Ugly Stick is a brand of fishin’ pole. But on with the story… thirty minutes later, after a bible study on end time events, I left the sporting goods department with an Ugly Stick and a high tech reel that has flashing lights and sounds, just what every Fireman needs I figured, and a new found friend in the faith who understood the miracle.

I finally made it to the hospital and was holding that beautiful little boy and I couldn’t help but think how much I already loved him. I’d just known him a few minutes and he’d done nothing other than arrive by the same means every other child does, through the miracle of birth, but he had my heart. I don’t want to make light of his experience, I could tell by his misshapen head (which will correct itself) and his desire to sleep, he’d had a pretty rough day. It wasn’t easy coming into this world; he’ll soon find out it’s not easy living in it either. Easton Zayde had no clue what a miracle he was.  He was just glad to be in his mommy’s arms with a full tummy and a warm fuzzy blanket.

As Christians we sometimes live our lives forgetting that feeling of the miracle of salvation. We want to tie the word miracle to some event or happenstance that we’ve seen occur when everyday there’s a miracle in the mirror.

I looked at the joy on my niece’s face as she looked over every inch of that little boy. She was so proud! As well she should have been. It was then that I thought, “That’s how God looked at me the day of my salvation!”

“That’s my girl! He looked at me anew; always before I’d been covered by sin and unapproachable. But now I was His child, made new by the blood of His Son. And since that day He’s held me in His arms. I don’t understand why everyone cannot see the miracle of God at work in their lives; although I should because I was one of them until the age of 34 when I got saved. But even in Jesus’ day, when they witnessed in person miracle upon miracle there were those who chose to deny it was of God.

John 11:47

Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? for this man doeth many miracles.

What they didn’t understand was they themselves were one of the miracles! The harshness of the world had taken away their reality of knowing Who God was.

Don’t let the harshness of the world deprive you of calling to remembrance that glorious day when Jesus saved your soul. And if you have a minute or two today, post in the little comment box at the top of the page what great thing God has done in your life. You never know how someone could be touched by you!