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Is this what’s wrong with the world today?

Following any major Christian holiday or event, my brain goes on hiatus for about three days. The body is willing to continue on in service to the Lord providing it doesn’t require a thot process greater than moving something from point A to point B. So today I think my mind is almost clear enough to put two words together, although I’ll make no promise that they’re spelled right, in the right context or that they’ll compose a complete sentence.

Such was the case on Monday when I went to prepare for my Monday night Bible journaling class. I got the a sketch done for the scripture of the evening, but as far as the handout went to encourage my sisters in Christ, I couldn’t pull it together. No blog for the day. Nothing. Just air space inside of my head.

It’s on those days that I struggle with purpose. I know my purpose in life, I have fought that battle and won, but that still does not prevent Satan and his minions from coming into my head and creating doubt and confusion as to why I continue this path that is so clearly paved for me.

Monday’s scripture verse was Luke 24:32

And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures.

That scripture always draws my mind back to when I was first saved, and the very scripture that I had once read and it seemed as though it were Greek, suddenly became as clear as if a light had been turned on inside my dark mind. And it truthfully was! The light of Jesus!

Oh how my soul burned when I read those words. Those written in black ink and those in red, it did not matter which, because I knew they all were the word of God. I was excited then and as my fingers type at lightening speed (well slow lightening) I’m excited now! I love the word of God! I just wish I wasn’t so quick to still fall into that trap of exhaustion.

I have to wonder if that’s what is wrong with the world today.

They’re tired

They’re tired of the lies of the news media and secular Hollywierds who truly believe they represent the greater part of our nation when in reality they don’t represent a fraction of them. But the voices of those minions are in their ears constantly whispering lies, and creating doubt in everything godly because Satan knows that that’s all he has to do. Create an ounce of doubt and it will weigh like a ton of bricks on the hearts of the people; keeping them down and on the earth and the evils of it rather than in Heavenly places which comes from the Spirit of God.

They’re Thirsty

It is instilled in the heart of man to desire God. They thirst for the living water just like the woman at the well. (John 4) The world had convinced her that she was unworthy for fellowship. So she came to the well alone and in the heat of the day because she thought there would be no one there. She could take care of business and get back to life. But Jesus intervened and showed her that in the eyes of God she was worthy because even though she was not of the chosen nation of Israel, God loved her too.

The problem now is there is nobody willing to go to the well and meet the thirsty people. And the minions have convinced them that all the wells inside the church are the same.

Now we know that to be a lie. But who is louder? Us? Or the Minions?

They’re Trapped

Somewhere between the lies and the truth. Nobody wants to be lied to and once you’ve been lied to the truth is too uncertain. Trust is a hard thing to build on unless you’re building on the foundation of Christ. There is no problems there, but there are problems within the body of Christ. Which tends to build their lives on sand. Just like sand shifts beneath the feet and makes walking a labor, so does building the foundation of your faith on worldly ways.

When the two men were walking on the road to Emmaus and met Jesus, (Luke 24) they didn’t even know who He was? They believed the lies of the religious and political leaders of the day rather than the very words out of God’s mouth Who had told them He would rise again in three days. The very same thing is happening today. If we’d spend as much time reading the word of God as we do listening to the lies of the world, and the whispers of those doggone minions, we’d know the truth, speak the truth and live the truth. Our souls too would burn within as they did on the day of Salvation when the Holy Spirit revealed Himself to us.

I’ve been tired three days… it’s time to get back to work. Glory to God my purpose has returned from hiatus!


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