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How Well Do You Know God?

How many times today have you said that you loved someone or something? Things like “I love French fries or cake, or the shoes on my feet. Perhaps you told someone you loved them, and genuinely meant it, or maybe not.” The point is we use the word “love” a lot. And often as nothing […]

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Did God Break my Physical Heart to Repair the Spiritual One?

I’ve pondered the heart a lot lately; both physically and spiritually. Because of my physical limitations I have been forced to sit still, which is not fun for me. I’m worse than any child when it comes to being told “no.”  Yesterday may have been the worst day yet. I made the bed, cleaned the […]

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Don’t Wear Someone Else’s Armor

He was the runt of the litter, his brother said he was an arrogant, bad hearted, rubber necker and the enemy said he was as threatening as a stick. That’s the “Shari version” of I Samuel 17 as David is about to face off with Goliath. How on earth did he get there? Nobody had […]

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