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One more day…

At 2:30 this morning I awoke to the thought… one more day. I couldn’t sleep and several prayer matters were heavy on my heart. I scrolled through Facebook on my phone to see if there had been any updates, and there were but it wasn’t good. Families facing critical reports, people hurting; the faces just […]

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He’s got you covered

Oh  good  grief… my mind bounced from one subject matter to another this morning like a pinball in a pinball machine. I picked up the fiddle and glanced at the guitar, went for coffee, thoughts pinging between the Bible College and Victory Baptist Church, the teens and the women’s ministry, the upcoming speaking engagement then […]

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It began and ended in the Garden

It was formed at creation; a place of splendor and beauty that we cannot possibly fathom. As beautiful as creation is now it still has thorns, mud and dying foliage, but that was not the case in the first garden. It had not rained so there would not have been mud, only perfect conditions for […]

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