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Faith for the Fight

chick for Trevor

In a split second their lives were forever changed. A local fifteen year old boy enjoying hunting in the hills of West Virginia, a rite of passage for our youth, suddenly found himself on the ground, paralyzed from a fall from his tree stand. Local paramedics and Fire Department crews were called to the scene and he was transported to the hospital where he remains today. He’s undergone surgery, setbacks, moves forward and likely frustration (although I’ve heard of none). Our small community has rallied around the family with prayers and financial support because his story has touched us deep within our souls. It’s an advantage of living where everyone may not know your name, but they likely know someone in your family.

Trevor Lynch is not able to go to school, but he’s learning about faith for the fight and he’s teaching us a few things we either didn’t know or have forgotten. The days following his fall he was scheduled for surgery and his friends and family gathered around him to encourage him but it was Trevor who did the encouraging as he prayed for the doctors before heading to the operating room. Can you imagine that at the age of 15? He’s constantly concerned about the folks back home, asking visitors to make sure everyone knows he’s okay. He’s a fifteen year old warrior in my mind and this morning brought me to the book of 1 Timothy, chapter 6, verse 12, to reflect on what I too stand in need of: “Faith for the Fight.”

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

It’s a praiseworthy fight

The good fight of faith and one worthy of praise for Travis. It’s been humbling to see Travis’ spirit through all of this tragedy. His parents encourage him and he’s anxious to see what God does with his life while he assures us that God is going to use him to do something awesome and I don’t doubt it! Such spiritual maturity in a young man. He could use your prayers, but not your pity. He’s hedged in for the battle that lies before him and he is a worthy adversary for Satan. I’ll bet Satan knows his room number and knocks on his door daily trying to thwart his progress.

When Paul wrote the letters to Timothy he encouraged him with the reminder that his battle was worthwhile. We all need the reminder every day that living for Jesus is worthy battle and one every believer must fight. Our degrees of battle are determined by God and He no doubt chose Travis for his heart of a lion. Some days I don’t have much more than the heart of a kitten; I’m ready to throw in the towel and we haven’t even got into the heat of the battle. But what I realize is when the battle gets full raging, God grants me the grace needed, but it’s up to me to come up with the praise. Our praise is like shovels of hot coal heaped onto Satan’s head preparing him for his future in Hell. It’s a reminder to him that God’s creation recognizes His omnipotence and purpose for our lives and the coals get that much hotter when Satan strikes a blow and God uses it for His glory!

It’s a planned fight

whereunto thou art also called

Trevor believes, and we believe with him, that God’s purpose in this fight will be revealed. Although I usually spend most of my time whining, I have yet to go through a battle that in the end I did not see God’s divine hand doing some amazing work in me. How  else  would  I have known how strong I was if  God did not allow some pressure to be put on me occasionally.  The pressure is usually a steering tool to get me onto a path and on a journey that had it not been for the heartache, I’d never have been on.

It’s a public fight

I often times wish it wasn’t. But as Paul told Timothy “he had professed a good profession before many witnesses.” Trevor’s family and friends update Trevor’s condition on a Facebook page titled “Love and Support for Trevor Lynch.But it has been the words of Trevor that come trailing back to our community from visitors that encourage us in our own walk with Christ. Trevor’s journey is very public. When talking about what God’s plans were for his life Trevor announced that perhaps he’d be a preacher. He’s already preached more with his words of testimony than many preachers in America do in the pulpit on Sunday.

Please do pray for Trevor and if you can send him a word of encouragement. His battle is long but I am assured this morning that he is up for the fight.

Are you?