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Fake Faith or Different?

There are times that I wish God had not made me such a vocal, passionate soul. I only wish it for a second… and then I get passionate about something else and forget my frustration. But life would be much simpler if I didn’t care so deeply. Caring gets me and usually my mouth into […]

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Don’t Look Back!

Unbelievable!  We’re teetering on the edge of 2016,  and although my body feels another year older, my mind is saying “What happened?” It was just New Year’s Day 2015 yesterday! It’s like we’re on a Nascar track headed for the finish line and we’re not even slowing down for crashes. Troubles beset us round about […]

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Organic Christianity… keeping it real in the youth ministry

Organic Christianity…Something the Pastor said in passing yesterday that has been stuck in my mind and obviously needs to go from pen to paper. Pricey organic foods are all the rage in healthy eating, although for the most part I have to wonder if it’s merely a difference in labeling than foods, and no different […]

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