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For They Considered Not the Miracle

It’s true in my life too. A few days of struggle, a few rough waves to get over and I’ve long since forgotten the countless things that God has done in my life. I pondered the upcoming election this morning as I read the story of the forgotten miracle: Mark 6:48-52 And he saw them […]

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It’s Only Bread

Mark 6 Jesus had just left his home town where (vs) He marveled because of their unbelief, He as just a carpenter’s son after all, how could He be so wise and do such marvelous works?  It was from there that He began sending His disciples out two by two, He’d given them power over […]

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The Rescue Mission!

A trip to Marshall County, West Virginia turned into quite the journey for me yesterday. Following the advice of Google map for a “quicker” trip we went off the beaten path and then Glory! We were in God’s country for sure with the elevation alone.  Mile upon mile of one lane farm road along scenic […]

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