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Don’t look back, just go!

If I were ask to look back on my life and choose the life altering times of my life, the greatest of those times would be the day I accepted Christ as my Savior. Nothing else in my life had the power to change the inner being. Marriage changed my name and devotion, but not […]

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Managing Your Mission

If you’re a child of God, the second you step your foot to the floor  in the morning you’ve entered the mission field. The mission field varies from child to child but it’s a full time job wherever you are or whatever you do. Look around you right now, and look around yourself later… there […]

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The Important Stuff

It’s the day after Christmas, all the goodies have been unwrapped, our bellies are full and our eyes are glazed over from sugar and caffeine overload, or at least that’s the case in my world. My family is so blessed… and as my evergreen tree now stands bare on my porch it is the reality […]

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Say “Da” to God

I love watching the reach of my blog. It fascinates me to think that anyone (outside of family and friends) would read what I write, and yet they do! I love that I’m seeing prophecy played out through me, and with the help of technology the Word of God is going across the earth. Whether […]

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A Call for Prayer for my Sweet Friends…

This is how God works. Country girl (me) who seldom traveled to neighboring states falls in love with God and then discovers the awesomeness of God’s people and their diversity. So God branches her out through a thriving Bible believing church and Bible College and introduces her to the President of Marietta Bible College and […]

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