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Getting in Tight With God

To say that open heart surgery brings on a realization of mortality is a likely an understatement. We all have somewhat of a an understanding of it, but when suddenly the single organ in your body that keeps you alive isn’t functioning correctly, you realize how very, very close we are to eternity. Literally one […]

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10 things to Pray for on the 4th of July

Whether or not we agree with our Nation’s direction, and let me be clear… I don’t, we are still obligated as children of God and it is for our own benefit that we pray for our Nation and leaders. And by prayer I don’t mean that we pray for a pot fall from a window […]

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But Now… A Warning: Be kind to the Outcasts

I’ve been somewhat dragging my feet on the “But Now” series, knowing the the next few were still in Isaiah, and likely spoke of judgement; which is good, but with my frame of mind lately leaning more to the depressed state, I just didn’t want to heap any more judgment upon my own mind. The […]

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