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Fixed Faith

Once we’ve grounded ourselves in the gospel of Jesus Christ through His salvation, we need to fix our eyes on Jesus and determine His plan for our day to day living as well as our future.

Last November I had fixed my mind on ministering to the folks in the nursing home in our area. I kept putting it off and putting it off but the burden never left me. I knew this was something that God wanted me to use my talents for. So 2 p.m. on Mondays was established with the long term care unit of Minnie Hamilton Health System as my appointed time to minister to the residents. So I loaded my Bible and my guitar into the car and off I went, not knowing what to expect. And what I didn’t expect was the way the power of God came over that service. I sang and shared what the Lord had done with my life, and the residents began to praise Him for the things in their life and share their testimonies of faith. They sang with me and listened to me and had such grateful hearts for the 40 minutes of time I was there. We had church! I don’t think my feet touched the floor when I left their unit and walked back to my car. My soul rejoiced that the Lord had been glorified through my service. And I was somewhat shocked as well! I never understand why God is so good to me, even after it took me 3 months to become obedient.

God honors even delayed obedience. Who knows what blessing I would have received if I had begun back in November when He laid the burden on my heart? Or perhaps I wasn’t ready then and God is satisfied with my journey now. Regardless, I need to stay committed to the service God has given me.

Serving God takes commitment. It’s not for the willy nilly in faith who are on again off again at church or serve when it’s convenient. Especially when dealing with people who are believing in you like those in the nursing home. God’s word reminds us to take care of those that are weak. 1 Thessalonians 5:14 ~ Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.

God did not put us on this earth to soak up sunshine. We have purpose. What is yours?

Fixed in talent

My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise. – Psalm 57:7

David had a multitude of talent. Not just singing and writing. He was leader, a musician, an encourager of the people of God. He was a warrior and a man after God’s own heart. He was committed to the purposes of his life, even though he too failed. He’s a favorite bible character of mine because I can identify with him on so many levels… starting with his failures.

So what does it mean to “fix” your heart?

The definition of fix is – 1. To correct or set right. 2. Is to make ready for a specific purpose. 3. Is to place securely, make stable or firm. All good ideas when preparing our heart to serve God.

So in preparation to make life right in our service for God. Make a list of your talents. Every single one. Please don’t say that you have none. I’ve never believed that and I’ve proven it wrong in everyone that’s told me that excuse.

Your talent may not look like what the world views as talent. My husband David cannot sing, but he can teach like nobody I know in a manner that makes it understood. He’s extremely focused and committed to the completion of any task in front of him. He’s skilled at fixing and repairing almost anything electrical or mechanical. God created his mind that way. How many ways could God use those in the operation of a church? Perhaps you like to create. The house of God needs creative people. Organization may be your passion. There are so many places that God could use you. Talent isn’t just singing or speaking in the house of God. So make your list and think inside and outside the box on how God can use you.

Fixed in testimony

O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory. – Psalm 108:14

David was a talented man, but he never failed to give God the glory. By praising God for your talents, you’re fixing them, placing them in the hands of God, not to be removed by Satan who loves to steal God’s glory; and if we fail to recognize Who it is that gives us our talents, Satan does just that.

Make sure you give God the glory due when someone comments on how beautifully you did something or how beautiful you are. Never miss an opportunity to praise God in the congregation of the Lord. He loves it. It’s like a gift you can hand to God from the earth. Isn’t that an awesome thought.

Fixed in trust

He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD. – Psalm 112:7

Once we’ve made our list, we have to trust God to open the doors of opportunity and then give us the power through Him to put those talents to use.

Before going into the nursing home on Monday, I really didn’t know how God was going to work it out. What was I going to sing, should I speak in between songs, etc., etc. Well, from the moment I sang my first song, the Holy Spirit took over that time and lead me from one song to a word of encouragement, to a testimony from them… it was just amazing how God had that whole time planned out. All I had to do was be faithful and committed to what He ask.

Do you hear God asking? Be faithful!


Encouraging the Weary Warrior

chick warrior

Matthew Henry wrote in his commentary of Psalm 108 that by our heart’s conviction our tongue becomes the pen of a ready writer. (reworded slightly for my own better understanding) I have so much to thank God for and testify of His goodness and yet I fall short when the Holy Spirit says tell them what I’ve done in your life! But my raisin’ tells on me again, because I was brought up by humble parents who taught us that boasting was a sign of arrogance. While they encouraged us in talents we were reigned back from pride. Which is good, except for me who takes that a step further in my spiritual walk and I have difficulty telling the world how good God is to me because I feel that I’m bragging about myself, which ends up neglecting to give God glory.

Consider this past month. I received a good doctor’s report. And to put that in context I hadn’t been to see a doctor for 15 or so years… don’t judge… it’s not nice, and yes, I know I’m an idiot. But praise God He takes care of stupid people. And my reports came back that I’m in good shape for the shape I’m in. Well after a few weeks of fretting over what the results of some of those test might have been, I really wanted to shout it to the roof tops; but I couldn’t. Or I should say wouldn’t because I thought it sounded like bragging in light of how many people around me had recently gotten bad doctor’s reports. So I told a few family and friends, but my tongue wasn’t writing a book, merely a post script. And the Holy Spirit was grieved, after all He and I both new that He had worked some miraculous things in this body of mine considering how I’d taken care of myself.

But Sunday night I pushed aside my fear of boasting and decided that I needed to brag a little on the Lord by testifying to my home church about His goodness. Oh, God was pleased. But it’s still heavy on my heart that I do not tell of His goodness enough; which often causes a lack of confidence in many areas of my life that I struggle. So for my scripture reflection and study today I landed in Psalm 108. A baker’s dozen of verses (13) where David’s confidence in the Lord soars!

David begins praising God early.

1O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory. Awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early.

When our eyes open in the darkness of the room or the light of day a song of praise should be on our lips. That’s how it is with nature. Come spring the birds outside my window chirp loudly in the sweetest refrain. So should a child of God who’s been given another day.

I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people: and I will sing praises unto thee among the nations.

David praised God in his community. He encouraged them through sharing his faith. How wonderful it must have been to have a leader who glorified God and even in the worst of times had songs of praise on his heart. Oh… for such a leader.

For thy mercy is great above the heavens: and thy truth reacheth unto the clouds. Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: and thy glory above all the earth;

Like myself, David had let God down, but God had never once let David down. His goodness and truth stretched from earth to Heaven; David couldn’t say enough about what a great God He served. And God was pleased.

David prayed as he praised but he still exalted the name of God by acknowledging God’s protection and provision. Would that not have been an encouragement to his weary warriors. How might we encourage the weary warriors in our life today by reminding them of the mighty God we serve? Faith can rejoice in what God has said, although it’s yet to be done. If God said it… it’s a fact.

6 That thy beloved may be delivered: save with thy right hand, and answer me.God hath spoken in his holiness; I will rejoice, I will divide Shechem, and mete out the valley of Succoth. Gilead is mine; Manasseh is mine; Ephraim also is the strength of mine head; Judah is my lawgiver;Moab is my washpot; over Edom will I cast out my shoe; over Philistia will I triump. 10 Who will bring me into the strong city? who will lead me into Edom?

I love that! David not only gave a list of what was already his, but what would be his in the name of Jesus! He was assuredly going to mop the floor with Moab. Can you hear his people cheering and standing to their feet with arms raised high? What a cheerleader!!!

David’s next verse almost sounds like he’s questioning God but it’s more of a reminder of what God has done in the past.

11 Wilt not thou, O God, who hast cast us off? and wilt not thou, O God, go forth with our hosts? 12 Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man. 13 Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.

God is faithful!

What a great Psalm of encouragement for the day. I’m facing battles, are you? Go with the same confidence David shared with his friends and share it with yours,  because we serve the same God! Amen.


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