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This is a Test of the Emergency Faith System


1 Peter 4:12

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trialwhich is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:

I’m not sure they even do it any more, with no more television than I watch I very well could have missed it. But if you’re of any age at all you remember the feeling when that high pitched sound would come on along with the colorful test patch during your favorite show and it was the longest 60 seconds of your life. You’d be just on the edge of throwing a fit and it would end. Well…I’ve been just on the edge of throwing a fit lately as God’s allowed me to go through my own little test patch.

As a kid I felt as though that emergency broadcast test was put there just to annoy me. What possible purpose could a high pitch noise and a rainbow serve?

It’s time for peace….

Tests and trials of faith generally spring forth without warning and can be on a number of levels depending upon what the Lord allows. Mine seems to be more on the dull ache side, not the extreme. The extreme would be what a family in our community is now facing; the loss of a husband, dad, and granddad to a tragic tractor accident yesterday, that’s the ultimate test. Please pray for them in the upcoming days, I’m sure they could use it. The point of the matter is we’ve all had those times when the sirens have alarmed and we’re warned that we’re under attack. The Holy Spirit speaks sweet peace to the soul when those siren’s sound; but the Spirit is quiet… you have to slow down and listen. Satan will scream louder and louder, sit quieter and quieter. Get in your closet and prayer, get in your Bible and read.

It’s time to prepare, not panic…

Satan loves it when he can get you panicking over something. Because it’s a fact if you’re running around in solo survival mode you’ve got your eyes off Jesus. We need to stand behind God, not in front of Him flailing our arms, God already knows what you need By making a spectacle of yourself you’ve just alerted the enemy and anyone else that you’re not trusting God.

It’s time to remember the promise…

That rainbow patch can certainly serve as the reminder that God gave to Noah at the end of the flood. He placed the bow in the sky as symbol, a covenant of Grace… although I have to wonder if sometimes He’d not like to tie a knot in that bow and scratch the idea of preservation. But unlike man God’s Word is faithful and true. Regardless of the circumstances around us, the people who let us down, the chain of events that befall us… God’s patch of protection covers us all.

Short and sweet blog today… just needed to reassure myself that God has me covered.

The Power of Praise!


James 1:1-3~ James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting. My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to “counting it all joy,” I seem to lose my ability to count past 2 or 3 when midst of trials and tribulations. It is then that I am painfully aware of my elementary school fait1h. When it’s gumdrops and goodness I’m in like Flinn! This week I’ve working on a song for the weekend service titled “Praise His Name.” A beautiful Jeff and Sheri Easter song. The lyrics begin by saying “When you’re up against the wall, and your mountains seem so tall, and you realize that life’s not always fair, you can run away and hide, let the old man decide, or you can change your circumstances with a prayer.” Sometimes… my prayers have seemed little more than “God, get me out of this!”

James is speaking to Christians who have been scattered, literally run out of their homes and communities and forced into hiding to share the gospel. It is at this time in history that Christianity explodes! The harder they are pressed the more they burst out of their shells and the braver they become. There is no waving flags of surrender but rather shouts of “Palms of Victory, Crowns of Glory, Palms of Victory, I shall wear!”

If that don’t put a shout on you then your shouter is broken!

James words serve as a reminder to me today that troubles come, and troubles go, but in looking to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith there is no need to stay in my shell avoiding people, but rather sing the song of Victory.  If we’ll allow it, those who rub us the wrong way can polish our shine for Jesus. Every time we’re tried it’s a runner’s test of endurance making us stronger.  When we’re tried by fire, we’ll come out as gold. Those are not clichés, those are Bible and the Bible is truth.

I needed to be my own cheerleader this morning… I hope my words encouraged you!