Thank God For Friday!

Goodness of God

I found it ironic that Google celebrates every goofy and non-goofy day of the year with a new Google logo or doodle but Good Friday didn’t even get an honorable mention. Ironic yes, surprised, no. The world celebrates Friday because it’s the start of the weekend more than they do the start of eternal life through the sacrifice Christ willingly made on the cross that dark day.  Many Churches are taking the blood out of the story because it’s too offensive to people and yet the movie industry is bombarded with gore and people take or allow their children to view the video with little regard for the way it effects their child’s mind. Don’t even get me started on the fact that Cartoon Network has cartoons that aren’t fit for adults to watch.

But this blog isn’t about bashing the world… As the Lord said, “they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34. Today’s post is about a grateful heart who “didn’t know” for 34 years how much I had to be thankful for. That was the age I came to the knowledge of the Salvation of Jesus Christ. I understood (as best my mind can) the sacrifice of the cross. That God was willing to spend that Friday suffering unimaginable pain, ridicule and desecration of his body that He lived in on earth, only to serve and teach others how to serve.

But then came Sunday!!! And as dreadful as Friday was for Him and for His followers looking on, Sunday came and the darkness was made light by the empty tomb and a risen Savior that had won victory over death, Hell and the grave. The blood is gory, yes, but its crimson color that stained His cross serves as a reminder that because of Him, I have life and have it more abundantly. I cannot fail to thank Him for Friday, for He gave me Sunday.


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