The hardest task… asking for myself

Dear friends:

Anyone who knows me doesn’t have to know me for very long before they know my heart for the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2010 I stepped into a roll that God called me into as “The Jesus Chick.” It’s allowed me the opportunity to speak and sing in a multitude of places. I’ve met people that have become ministry partners and friends who have supported and encouraged me and kept me on this path. When I’ve gone to speak or sing, unless it’s been to an area where I’ve had to fly or drive several hours I’ve not set a price on my work for the Lord. Believing that the Lord would provide.

Over the last few years the Lord has worked on me to become a missionary of encouragement in the mission field of church ministries to help churches work in unity and grow in the area for which they’ve been planted. I’ve watched in my own community as churches did more damage to the cause of Christ through discord among the brothers and sisters and I’ve also watched as that discord has become a sweet accord. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I do claim to have a message from God that stirs my soul every time I get the opportunity to share it, and it’s encouraged those who’ve heard.

My heart’s desire is to take that message far and wide to begin sowing the seeds of harmony through the subject of “Sisterhood in the Neighborhood.” My first meeting is with several friends in the ministry in Windom, Minnesota where I’ll share this message at the BARC Windom, a community building in that city. They’ll be others preaching, singing and sharing testimonies as well for the purpose of building a foundation for revival in the churches of that city; not collectively, but individually, believing that each Church of born again believers has a purpose in their community. The organizers of this event are people like me that feel the urgency of God’s call to stir revival fires throughout America. They’re not representing a denomination. They’re representing Jesus Christ. They’re funding this mission on their own.

Which brings me to this post.

I’ve been serving Christ 3 years with very little, sometimes non-existent missionary support. I’m appealing to you in hopes that you’ll believe in the mission I’ve been called to and support with as little or as much as you feel the Lord leading you to.

Writing this post was perhaps the hardest task I’ve ever had to do as a part of the Jesus Chick mission. I’m a giver, not a taker. But the flight, the hotel (bare boned as they are) are costly and I could use someone to believe in this mission as much as my friends and I do. To date I and my friends have raised $200 (for my portion). That’s a long way from the $1500 I need for this November 9,10, 2017 event.

Perhaps you think it’s not God’s will then… Believe me, I’ve ask. I’ve prayed and the answer is always, you’ll go. But I need help.

I have a go fund me account as well as a PayPal account established. This isn’t something I’ll ever make a habit of and I believe that once the ministry is established the success will provide the funding. But a few seeds ($) of encouragement would go along way to get me started. I share my heart and talents anytime the door opens for no charge. Please view this as you would any missionary on any foreign field. But I’m serving the country roads and cities in America. A worthy cause…

I ask in all sincerity that you pray and consider support “the Jesus Chick” for this event.

In Christ love and service,

Shari (aka The Jesus Chick)

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