The Truth About Cats and Dragons


Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons. ~ Acts 10:34

As a disclaimer I feel that I must confess that I grew up in a 99% white community. Why I feel that I must confess that I really don’t know, other than to provide the reader of this blog an understanding of the culture for which I grew up in. For most of my life (other than a two year stint in the big city of Parkersburg, WV) I’ve lived in rural West Virginia. Very rural!  We have no Walmart, we have no red light… we do have a caution light, but I’m pretty sure that’s only to alert visitors that there is an actual town there. In my high school there was one black family. Was there any prejudice? Of course there was! Being rural doesn’t exclude you from stupidity, it just takes longer to get here.

I can only speak for me when I say that I had no prejudice because I wasn’t brought up with it. My parents taught us to love people; they never once suggested that a different color of skin, economic status or belief was a reason to disassociate yourself from the person. I had plenty of other issues, prejudice just wasn’t one. And while I agree that black lives matter, so does white and every other life regardless of color. So this morning as I read in Acts 10 of Peter’s message from God (the very first PowerPoint presentation) I thought to myself, “O God, I wish Your messengers of today could get through to people.” Then again… there’s a few of God’s messengers that haven’t got the message themselves!

The Difference between Cats and Dragons

Halloween brings with it a varied opinion in the Christian community as to whether it’s right or wrong, demonic, worldly, etc.; but for me it’s just a fun day for kids to get to be something they’re not… kind of like many adults in church… Oh… did I got there?

I personally don’t feel a kitty cat and a dragon or even a zombie is going to send some child on a pathway to Hell. Let me say, however, if you’re exposing kids to demonic zombies of the Hollywood (hellywood) variety you’re messing them up. Because you’re putting evil thought into impressionable young minds that shouldn’t be there. But that’s all I’ll say. This isn’t about that. The difference between Cats and Dragons isn’t the costume, it’s the kid on the inside and the inside of the kid.

The costume is man created. The kid is God created! The costume may or may not reflect who the kid is on the inside. A zombie kid may be a timid little guy that is tired of being scared and wants to be the scare-er for a change. Or maybe it has nothing to do with that. The little kitty cat may be a tiger personality but that’s the only costume she has and the same holds true in real life. Our outward appearance does not necessarily reflect our inward design. Sometimes it’s just the only thing we had to wear.

I have to wonder about all the haters out there. Is that their real face… or the face of someone else? Why are you a hater? I’m sure there’s some psychological reason but it boils down to you’re not listening to God. Because loves every one of every color.

Do I think this blog will make this difference in a hater changing to a lover? Umm… not likely. But Peter wasn’t a hater, he was Jew and just doing what Jews were supposed to do. But that PowerPoint presentation by God on the roof changed how he believed about gentiles and gentile’s ways. We’re not talking sin, we’re talking culture. God doesn’t excuse sin, and He doesn’t exclude culture. But some Christian’s do.

You’re not my church, therefore you’re not my people. Cats and Dragons. We should look to understand the inside of the person not the costume or the denomination they wear. Amen? Just a thought…

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