When shortfalls become long falls…

Genesis 28:11-19
The story goes that Jacob, the grandson of the friend of God, Abraham is quite the deceiver. He takes advantage of his brother Esau and takes his birthright, and then later his blessing and inheritance by deceiving his father Isaac in his old age, and for his own safety is sent away to find a good woman in his mother’s homeland. But God did not allow Jacob’s deception to disrupt His destiny.
Genesis 28:15 ~ And, behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of.
That ought to put a shout you! But, maybe you’re not as messed up as I am. Possibly you haven’t made a million wrong decisions, or failed God the way I have. But if you have, then you understand the significance of this story. God takes care of His own, in spite of their shortfalls, or in my case “long falls.”
God spoke the words to Jacob in a dream as he lay his head upon a rock for pillow. He later took his pillow and made a pillar anointing it with oil as an altar to The Lord in gratitude for the Lord’s faithfulness. Jacob knew he didn’t deserve the blessings that were about to come his way, nor do we deserve what God has in store for us, and yet it’s there.
Last night in the teen class we had a long discussion about our shortfalls for Christ and the guilt that we place upon ourselves, often to the point of detriment by allowing it to put us into a state of depression or unworthiness. There is no doubt that when Jacob left his home he was not only feeling fear for his life, but guilt for his living. He may have thought that through his actions he had destroyed the hope of Israel. But the ladder is Jacob’s vision in verses 12-13 shows God standing above it and angels ascending and descending on it. God’s ways are high above our ways, and while we are messing things up down here, God and His host of angels are taking care of business on high and our destiny will be fulfilled.
God’s got a plan for his children and although our mistakes break His heart, they don’t break His covenant with us, God is so much bigger than that.
Take heart dear friends, if you’re feeling less than deserving of the grace of God. He’s standing on the ladder that He has every intention of seeing us climb. Spiritually and positionally in life. Stay faithful! and take the time to show your gratitude throughout the day.
Be blessed! and bless me with your comment if this spoke to your soul today.

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