You Knew

So any given day at my house you’ll see me with hands going back and forth from the guitar, to the fiddle, to the computer, to a sketch and pen, to the dishes in the sink as well as a truck load of laundry. My talents are varied and often not fully represented because they so broadly dispersed throughout my day and little focus on each individually. What i am is a willing vessel. I’ve always stood amazed when God chooses to use me, but I was first amazed that He chose to die for me. The video below is true to form for me, “rough.”

The words began as I drove home from church yesterday and later in the afternoon i penned them on a piece of paper and within 30 minutes “You Knew” was born. I hope you enjoy the video, forgive the mediocre playing but love the Lord I sing about!

“You Knew” (c) Shari Hardway Johnson

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